Plant-Based Eating

The Power of Plant-Based Eating

My journey to living a plant-based eating lifestyle all began with a baby’s poopy diaper. A few years ago, my infant son began having bowel movement problems. At the time, I was breastfeeding and my pediatrician recommended cutting dairy out… read more

buddha bowl

Learn Some Buddha Bowl Basics

Everyone seems to be raving about Buddha bowls, but what are they really? Also known as glory or hippie bowls, the Buddha bowl is filled with an array of veggies, greens beans and either quinoa or brown rice. The bowls… read more

Beginner’s Guide to the Vegan Diet

You are probably familiar with the vegetarian diet, which excludes all meat, poultry and seafood. Well, the vegan diet goes a step further than the vegetarian diet and excludes all animal and animal-based foods including eggs, dairy and bee products… read more

veggie burger

5 of Our Favorite Veggie Burger Recipes

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just eating healthy, there is no reason you should be excluded from burger and grilling season. Burgers are always a fan favorite and today we are showing you five different veggie burger recipes to… read more

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