Learn Some Buddha Bowl Basics

By Christy Piña
buddha bowl

Everyone seems to be raving about Buddha bowls, but what are they really? Also known as glory or hippie bowls, the Buddha bowl is filled with an array of veggies, greens beans and either quinoa or brown rice. The bowls can also include toppings like nuts, seeds and even some light dressing, making them a healthy and filling meal.

The ingredients vary depending on the bowl you get, but regardless of what you put in it, the idea to really fill the bowl up remains the same. In fact, the bowl is supposed to be so stuffed that it resembles the belly of a Buddha, hence the name.

Buddha bowls are typically vegan or vegetarian. The bowls can be as green, orange or colorful as you want, depending on your taste. The customization is unreal. If you are looking for some guidance on how to make your bowl, InStyle defined it as, “15 percent lean protein, 25 percent whole grains, 35 percent vegetables, 10 percent sauce and 30 percent extras.”

Make your own Buddha Bowl:

Choose your base: This could be any grain! Rice, Brown Rice, Quinoa or even Barley are all very filling and great for you. Fill 1/3 of your bowl with grains.

Choose your veggies: Pick whatever you heart desires! This could be leafy greens, chopped bell peppers, carrots or avocado. Just remember to add lots of color to your bowl. (More color means more vitamins and antioxidants!)

Add plant-based proteins: Decorate the top of your veggies with plant based proteins. These typically include black beans, chickpeas, lentils or edamame. Make sure to cook or steam them before adding them to your bowl!

Finishing touches: Sprinkling chia or flax seeds on top will give some crunch, and drizzling on your favorite dressing will give the bowl a final burst of flavor.

If you are interested in some other Buddha bowl recipes, here are some great options!

  1. For those of us who cannot go a week without #TacoTuesday (and are paying the caloric price for it), this Sweet Potato Taco Bowl My Kitchen Love from can satisfy that craving without all the extra calories.
  2. If Mediterranean food is more your style, that this falafel-filled bowl from Pinch of Yum is for you.
  3. If you are looking for vegan options, The Minimalist Vegan has some great options that are delicious and filling.

Now, excuse us while we go attempt to make our own mouthwatering Buddha bowl!


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