The Diet of the Year 2019

By Renee Castro

The holiday season has finally wrapped up, so its time to wrap up our unhealthy eating and drinking habits too! It is officially time to dig through our closets and drawers to find our fitness clothes and head for the gym. Welcome to the New Year, everybody! Alongside our fitness goals, many of us begin new diets at the start of the year.Well for you diet gurus, the diet of 2019 is officially here!

If you have always dreamt of the savory taste of the Mediterranean but never got around to trying it, now is the perfect time to incorporate it into your every meal! According to U.S News and World Report’s annual ranking, the diet of the year is the Mediterranean Diet. The diet emphasizes produce, nuts, olive oil and fish. It is typically lower in red meats, saturated fats and sugar.

While we know that diets are subjective, it still might be cool to incorporate some of the key parts of this diet into your lifestyle, after you speak to your physician of course!

This diet is at the top of the list for 2019 because of its components that lead to maintaining health. This diet is great for your heart and can even help in preventing obesity and other chronic diseases. Why? Because this diet bases off of heart healthy veggies and other amazing things like nuts, seeds, fruits and grains! (This diet might be tricky for those who don’t like fish; because fish is very important in this diet.)

Like any other diet, it is important to always incorporate fitness into your daily routine. A brief hour walk at the park can be more beneficial in helping you lose weight or maintain it!

Now get out there and try something new!