Discover the Perks of Peanut Butter

By Elayza Gonzalez
perks of peanut butter

Ever wonder how something that tastes so good can actually be good for you? Aside from being a creamy — or crunchy — spread filled with deliciousness and glory, peanut butter is actually one of the most nutritional things you can consume. According to, there are many perks of peanut butter and it is a good source of protein, healthy fats, potassium and fiber.

Some people question the nutritional value of peanut butter because it contains saturated fats and sodium, but according to an article by Harvard Health Publishing, Dr. Walter C. Willett said the presence of saturated fat does not automatically make foods, like peanut butter, unhealthy. Dr. Willett, a nationally known nutrition expert, also said other healthy foods, such as olive oil, wheat germ and tofu are all examples of foods that are high in saturated fats.

Harvard Health Publishing also reported that numerous studies have shown that people who regularly consume nuts or peanut butter as part of their diets are less likely to develop heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

There are several ways you can incorporate peanut butter into your diet. One way is by using it as a spread for sandwiches, a classic choice perfect for lunch. Another way to use peanut butter is as a dip to go along with fruits and vegetables, which makes a quick and easy snack. Also, adding peanut butter to smoothies and protein shakes will add flavor on top of nutritional value.

The latest trend to take over the health foodie’s world is powdered peanut butter, also known as PB2. According to, powdered peanut butter is made from roasted peanuts that have been pressed to remove excess oil and then is grounded into a powder. As a result, powder peanut butter has about 85 percent less fat than regular peanut butter, leaving you mostly with protein and fiber.

So, next time you question whether peanut butter is actually a healthy option, feel free to ponder that while enjoying a PB&J sandwich — preferably with 100 percent fruits jams.


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