The Return of the Fanny Pack

By Amanda Roland

by Renee Castro

They were popular in the 80s and then went away for many years. But, if you head out to an event, concert or theme park, you will probably see plenty of youngsters sporting a fanny, or what the trendier kids call them, hip packs. Up your trendy level with some of our favorite fanny packs of 2019! There are dressy ones, sporty ones, fancy ones and colorful ones, the fanny pack options are endless!

Fila Peacoat Fanny Pack; $24.95, Zumiez


Faux Leather Fanny Pack; $17.90, Forever21



Bleached Linen Fanny Pack; $17.95, Zumiez




Herschel Fifteen Hip Pack, $29.99,


Adidas Holographic Clear Belt Bag; $35, Nordstrom


Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack, $29,