The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

By Anastasia Sims

Even with all the craziness these days, March 20th was the first official day of spring. And as the flowers bloom and the pollen covers everything, now is the perfect time to clean out the house and practice social distancing. As we’ve become more and more encouraged to stay at home because of the coronavirus, there couldn’t be a better time. Here at Wellness 360, we’ve created the ultimate spring cleaning checklist to help you tidy the house. 

☐ Wipe down fridge/freezer shelves 

☐ Deep clean other appliances like toaster and microwave

Sanitize smart phones, tablets, TV’s, computers and gaming systems

☐ Dust windowsill, light fixtures and ceiling corners around the house

☐ Vacuum/Mop the floors around the house (including underneath the furniture) 

☐ Wash interior and exterior of the windows 

☐ Throw away old toiletries in the bathrooms 

☐ Deep clean the toilets, showers and vanities

Organize the kitchen cabinets and pantry 

☐ Wipe down mirrors around the house

☐ Wash all sheets and comforters 

☐ Put winter apparel up and donate old clothes (and throw away mismatched socks) 

☐ Empty washing machine drain pump

Organize laundry room and throw away old products

☐ Sweep the garage 

☐ Mow the grass or replant grass/flowers in the yard

☐ Pressure wash driveway or walkways 

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