Use This Time At Home To Plant Your Spring Garden!

By Amanda Roland
spring garden

You’re stuck inside, and you’re already in dire need of fresh air. Don’t panic. We’ve got the solution for you. Although it’s not the best time to be out and about, it’s the perfect opportunity to make use of what’s right outside your door. And there is no better time to plant your spring garden. 

Spring is the best time to prepare vegetable beds. In Florida, home gardeners grow vegetables all year long. Plant warm seasonal crops like beans, cucumber and sweet corn now to make the most out of your garden. It’s convenient and encourages new hobbies!

Invest in what you like

The choices are endless. Take your pick from vegetables of all shapes, colors and sizes. You’re more likely to care for something you enjoy or find delicious. Grow a vegetable you like that may usually have a higher price tag in most supermarkets, like spinach or broccoli! Click here to find out what veggies are best to plant in your spring garden!

Save more

A vegetable handpicked from your homegrown garden can taste better than anything store bought. As an added bonus, its much less expensive than the tomatoes you purchase on a regular basis. Reap the benefits even longer by growing vegetables with a longer shelf life. Potatoes can be stored for months. And beets and tomatoes can be preserved by canning or refrigerating.   

Start small

Although it can be enticing to buy a variety of crops at once, be sure to take it slow, especially if you’re a new gardener. A smaller garden requires less maintenance and allows your confidence to grow with it. You can expand your garden from there – even planting a wider variety of crops. Gardening takes time and commitment, so be prepared to devote some extra time to your new hobby.

Liven it up

Want the best of both worlds? Plant winter annuals or bulbs that give your garden that pop of color as it enters summer. And beyond its cooking use, herbs look beautiful and can attract butterflies.

By Jacqueline Saguin