Tips to Optimize Your Luggage Storage!

By Renee Castro
People carrying luggage by the ocean

The start of summer means that it’s time to go explore the world and start a new adventure! For many of us, traveling is like a second nature. We frequent work trips and book our vacation days way too far in advance, so packing for a trip is like riding a bike. Your body and mind just know exactly what to do! Until you’re trying to close your suitcase by having your kid sit on it so that everything you shoved inside fits… oops! Today, readers, we share some pretty amazing tips to optimize your luggage storage for every adventure.

Tip 1

Start with a packing list and write down what you know you cannot leave the house without. Loosely plan your itinerary ahead of time and make your clothing choices adaptable so that you have enough, but not too much clothes for your trip.

Tip 2

Roll your clothes instead of folding them to optimize your luggage storage. If you prefer not to roll your clothes, invest in space bags and use this for packing. Space bags are great because they compress your clothes to the smallest possible size!

Tip 3

Wrap the tops of your liquids with Saran wrap to stop your liquids from spilling in your luggage. This is a big help for placing liquids in your luggage as it will completely stop the spill and save you some serious cash!

Tip 4

It takes up a ridiculous amount of space to lug around your full sized bottle of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Pick up the small travel size versions instead (you can easily fit them in your carry-on), and if you run out, you can always restock on the road!

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Tip 5

Be aware (ahead of time) of your airline’s baggage fees. This will save you time and money when you get to the gate. You can easily find your airline’s policies online when you book your ticket.

Tip 6

Pack your socks inside of your shoes to give you extra space in your luggage. It cut’s down your dressing time too when you want to get a head start on your day!

Tip 7

Bring dryer sheets to keep your luggage and clothes smelling fresh- especially if you’re headed on a lengthy adventure!

Tip 8

Leave extra space in your luggage for the souvenirs that you’re going to bring home!

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