Trending Podcasts 2019

By Amanda Roland

Podcasts are a very popular form of audio entertainment that many people enjoy! Whether you like news, comedy, health or even crime investigation, there is a podcast out there for you! If you want to start listening to podcasts but don’t really know where to start, we have put together a list of trending podcasts in different genres to make your search a little easier! 


  • The Daily: This podcast by The New York Times is a great way to get all your news for the day in a quick 20 minutes. It’s the perfect thing to listen to on your commute if you’re tired of the radio!
  • Global News Podcast: Produced by BBC World Service, this 30-minute podcast comes out twice a day to give you full global news coverage.


  • How Did This Get Made?: For the movie buff! This comedy podcast is hosted by three comedians who review some of the worst movies ever made. What’s better than listening to comedians roast crappy movies? 
  • Ear Biscuits: Rhett and Link, co-hosts of a hilarious YouTube show called Good Mythical Morning, created this podcast to give their listeners something fun and carefree to listen to. This podcast is also family-friendly!
  • Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: Hosted by the ever-charming Dax Shepard, this podcast is just Dax talking to cool guests twice a week. Try it out and you will laugh, discover new things and get inspired by people’s stories! 

Health and Wellness:

  • Gloss Angeles: Two women, Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan, bring a West Coast, pop-culture outlook on trending beauty and wellness topics! Listen to this podcast while you’re getting ready in the morning — you might learn some new beauty tricks! 
  • Modern Love: This podcast is also produced by The New York Times, and it is not your average health podcast. It focused more on mental health and stories from real people who have overcome, or are overcoming, obstacles in relationships. 

True Crime:

  • Crime Junkie: This podcast is for — you guessed it — crime junkies! With one episode a week, you will always be on the edge of your seat for the next episode.
  • In The Dark: Now on season 2, this is an investigation podcast produced by APM Reports. In every season, Reporter Madeleine Baran investigates different criminal cases that were left up in the air. Each episode is about an hour long, but good luck stopping at just one episode… it’s addicting.

by Amanda Roland