Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

By Lucille Lannigan

Valentine’s Day is in the season of love but can easily turn into a time of immense pressure to plan the perfect date for your significant other. As you set out to brainstorm ideas, find special ways to celebrate your partner and your relationship. We’ve got you covered with some unique Valentine’s Day date ideas:

Mapping your love

The idea behind this date is to reminisce on old date sites or significant locations throughout your relationship. Make a map of places and plan activities for each one. Surprise your significant other with the map and make it into an adventure — don’t tell them where you’re headed next!


  • Brainstorm locations of past dates or special moments that have occurred throughout your relationship. These locations can be special to both of you or even just to you — it will be meaningful showing your partner which memories stuck out to you that they may not expect. Choose 3-5 depending on how much time you have for your date.
  • Think about these locations and plan activities at each one. These activities can be previous ones you’ve done together at this location or ones you’ve always talked about doing together. It’s even sweeter if you pack on nostalgia from past dates. 
  • Make an “adventure” map of these locations; either digital or physical. Then choose the order of your visits depending on time and closeness.
  • Clear your significant other’s schedule for the next few hours, pack any items you may need and hop in the car to start your adventure!

Prepare a three course meal and drinks

Your relationship has withstood the test of time, now put your cooking and mixology skills to the test. Assign meal duties to each other— splitting up drinks, appetizer, main course and dessert. Try a new recipe or stick to your partner’s favorite. 


  • Assign tasks. Each person gets two duties: drinks, appetizer, main course or dessert. 
  • Once the tasks are assigned, it’s time to track down the perfect recipe and prepare! Have a favorite dish to eat together or one you’ve always wanted to try? Time to whip it up. Figure out which ingredients are needed and take a grocery trip together to get any needed items.
  • Return home and get to work on drinks and appetizers. As you cook, put on some of your favorite music, and dance around the kitchen together.
  • Once the drinks and appetizer are finished, get started on the main course and dessert.
  • Enjoy the meal and split up clean-up duties — or save until the morning.

A romantic picnic

A picnic is a classic date activity, but you can make it special by adding your own, unique touches. Find a nice location, gather some aesthetic decor and pick up your favorite picnic foods.


  • Pick the perfect spot:
  • Pack the perfect picnic supplies:
    • A cozy blanket
    • Cushions
    • Twinkly lights (if picnicking past sunset)
    • A bouquet
    • A cute picnic basket to hold the food and drinks
    • Food ideas: Make your own charcuterie board or cheese plate, bring siders or arrange a fruit plate

Couples art night – with a twist!

Painting together is already a fun activity, but why not combine your artistic talents on the same canvas? Start your paintings and switch them back and forth after two songs. Grab your paints, paint brushes, a canvas, and set up a playlist with your favorite music, then get to work!


  • Gather some art supplies and choose a painting location.
  • Fill a playlist with some of your favorite songs — make sure there’s at least an hour’s worth of music.
  • Start your individual paintings. Keep the canvas hidden from your partner’s view.
  • After two songs have played, switch canvases and start painting on your partner’s canvas.
  • Repeat this until you’ve filled the canvas or finished your works of art.

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