Use These Household Items as Alternatives to Weights!

By Amanda Roland

Most places are closed right now. Your favorite brunch spot, your favorite theme park and your favorite place to break a sweat. If you’re itching to get in a workout from home, but keep running into the problem that you don’t have any weights, we’re here for you! Instead of leaving quarantine just to get a few dumbbells, check to see if you have any of these items at home you can use as alternatives to weights! Just make sure whatever you use, you have two of them so that your workouts will be even!

Gallon or Half-Gallon Containers

If you have old milk or juice containers sitting in your recycling bin, fish them out and use them as weights! Rinse them and fill them with tap water to your desired weight and you have at-home weights! These are especially handy because they even have handles for an easy grip!

Paint Cans

Have any old paint cans stored in your garage that you keep around just in case you need to do an extra coat of paint anywhere? Repurpose them as weights! Just make sure the lids are on tightly so you don’t have any paint-related incidents in the middle of a workout!

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Similar to the gallon containers, liquid laundry detergent typically comes in large containers that could give you a great workout. These alternatives to weights also come with handles to make sure you can hold tight and really get into the zone!

Resistance Bands

If you have resistance bands at home, you can modify some of your workouts so instead of lifting weights you’re increasing the tension and resistance in your movements. You’ll really feel the burn with this alternative to hand-weights!


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