Using Your Home to Enhance Your Mental Health

By Lindsey Johnson

Your home is your castle. Time spent in your own dwelling is an opportunity to recharge and recover from what happens in the outside world. Over the past year, many people have found themselves spending more time at home than ever. More jobs are shifting to remote work so extra hours at home will become a permanent reality for many. Whether you are home for a few hours in the evening or around the clock, there are many things you can do to promote health, peace and happiness within your home. 


Clutter around the home creates a sense of anxiety and disorganization. Bedrooms free of clutter promote relaxation and sleep. Tidy work spaces will help with productivity and minimize work stress. 


Indoor plants provide a variety of benefits. They bring the soothing effects of nature into your immediate space as well as produce cleaner and clearer air to breathe. They produce a sense of calm and brighten the room. Don’t have a green thumb? There are many plants that require very little maintenance while still allowing the opportunity to reap the benefits. 


Decorating your home with images and pieces that inspire you helps induce happiness. Whether it’s motivational quotes, beautiful works of art, or a certain style of decor that you love, pick items that bring joy when you see them. 


Many people use candles or essential oils to create a certain atmosphere within the home. Selecting the right scent can make a difference in mood. For a calming mood, try scents like lavender, jasmine, rose or chamomile. Scents that are good for energizing or motivating include peppermint, cinnamon, citrus, and lemongrass. Whatever makes you feel happy at home is the right choice and can potentially help combat depression, induce sleep, and uplift mood. 


Natural sunlight boosts mood and helps create a connection to the outdoors. Some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when they have limited exposure to sunlight, typically during the winter months. Opening blinds and windows helps allow natural light into the home. 


Whether it is an accent wall, throw pillows, artwork or bedding, choose colors and patterns that speak to you and make you happy. Red and orange are often associated with happiness while blues and greens are known for their soothing qualities. Pick color schemes that feel right for your home. 


Adding personal touches such as family photos or mementos from travel or experiences can bring memories of people and experiences that bring joy. It helps create an environment of safety and comfort. 


Himalayan salt lamps are not only a pretty piece of decor but are thought to bring good energy to a space. Salt lamps may attract toxins, allergens and pollutants to their surface, removing them from circulating throughout the room. Salt lamps may also release negative ions, which are thought to help provide clean and refreshing air. 

Creating a space of peace, comfort, and safety is vital to mental health. A home that feels warm and welcoming allows for a space to decompress from the everyday stresses of life. Find some strategies or decor that resonate with you and create a home that you love. 


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