Ways to Cut Down Your Food Bill This Month!

By Amanda Roland

For many of us, food is one of our largest monthly expenses. Whether it is grocery shopping, a quick stop at the drive thru, or a nice evening out, these transactions can really add up! This is also one area where we can have a BIG impact on our budget by making small changes each day. Enjoy these 31 ways to cut down on your food bill, and put them into practice this month!

  1. Set a food budget, and stick to it!

  2. Bring your lunch to work instead of buying!

  3. Clip coupons for things you already use.

  4. Shop BOGO sales for things you already use.

  5. Check out prices at different stores.

  6. Consider a store membership for bulk shopping.

  7. Thumb (or click) through this week’s newspaper adds for BOGO meat.

  8. Order water when you go out to eat.

  9. Split a meal with your date at a restaurant.

  10. Cut out one restaurant meal per week.

  11. Plan a weekly menu around sale items.

  12. Freeze appropriate leftovers.

  13. Buy store brand instead of name brand.

  14. Use a list when shopping.

  15. Buy produce in season.

  16. Check the price per unit, not the price per item.

  17. Check your receipt for pricing errors.

  18. Save half your restaurant dinner for lunch the next day.

  19. Eat out on “kids eat free” nights.

  20. Have a pantry/fridge clean-out period — only eat what you have.

  21. Grow your own fruits, veggies and herbs.

  22. Don’t shop hungry.

  23. Have a meat- free dinner.

  24. Use leftovers to create a new meal.

  25. Don’t buy more fresh produce than you will eat before it goes bad.

  26. Cut your portion sizes.

  27. Buy dry beans instead of canned ones.

  28. Buy chicken thighs instead of breasts

  29. Do your shopping without the kids when possible.

  30. Plan ahead and skip the drive- thru.

  31. Keep track of everything you spend, and re-evaluate the budget!

by Selena Garrison