We Tried It! Intro to Aerial at Gainesville Circus Center and Açaí Bowls

By admin

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy lunch option? Do you find yourself entranced by the aerial artists of Cirque de Soleil? From aerial classes to açaí bowls, the Wellness360 team has got you covered!

Açaí Bowls

Up until making the journey to Vale Food Company to try their açaí bowls, only two of the five people who went had tried one before. The three of us who had not were a little skeptical about an entirely fruit-based lunch. Since we were pretty hungry, we all decided to get one of Vale’s warm, build-your-own bowls and split an açaí bowl between the five of us. That way we could get a taste before taking the plunge on a whole bowl if we did not like it.

We topped our açaí bowl with granola, strawberries, shaved coconut and kiwi. We got five spoons and then dug in! The açaí base of the bowl had the consistency of a smoothie, and mixed with the toppings, it certainly tasted like a treat! Though it was tasty, some of us found it a bit too sweet to be the main component of our meal. However, we all agreed that it was something we would be willing to get again!

In a nutshell: Açaí bowls are definitely sweet, so if that is not your thing, then skip them. But if you are looking for something refreshing to get you through a warm day, these healthy bowls may be just the ticket!

Intro to Aerial at Gainesville Circus Center

From the minute we heard about the classes at Gainesville Circus Center, we knew we had to try one! With options like flying trapeze and aerial fitness on the schedule, it was hard to decide what we wanted to take, but as we were all beginners, we thought Intro to Aerial would be our best bet.

The class began with a quick but thorough warm up before we got into handling the apparatus. Owner and instructor Corey Souza started us off on the silks, teaching us beginner moves that were challenging, but not too scary to attempt. Once we learned some of the basics and took time to practice, we moved on to the lyra and the trapeze. There we got a great arm and core exercise as we hung upside down from the apparatus and before ultimately pulling ourselves up into sitting positions. It was difficult, but once we got up, we all felt incredibly accomplished.

By the end of the class we were tired, sweaty and sore, but we all agreed that we would have to come back for more!

In a nutshell: If you are looking to get a total body workout while having fun, this is the class for you!