We Tried It: Office Meditation

By Amanda Roland

I’m sure most people can agree that work can be stressful! Here at the Irving Publications office, our most stressful times come when we are getting ready to go to print. With deadlines to meet, stories to write and photoshoots to coordinate, things can get a little crazy at times. When seeking out ways to decrease stress in the office, someone suggested trying meditation. It is proven to help improve sleep quality, decrease stress, improve emotional health and so much more, according to Healthline.com. Could this be the remedy for our stressful work days? After one week of daily meditation, here is what we found:



In a nutshell:

Meditation is great! It is an easy way to relieve stress during a crazy day, and you can do it almost anywhere. When you use a meditation app (most of them are free), all of the hard work is basically eliminated, and you can enjoy your time clearing your mind. We give it 5 stars!

OVERALL: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️