We Tried It: Which Subscription Boxes Are Worth It?

By Grace Downey
Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the new craze, but the choices can be down-right overwhelming. Wellness360 has got you covered! We went on the search for the top subscription boxes, tested every snack (yes, every snack), tried every product and have delivered our favorite boxes, with all the details.

Get Fit, Stay Fit




PRICE: $29.90 per box; 3 Month Gift: $28.90 per box, 6 Month Gift: $26.90 per box, 12 Month Gift: $25.90 per box

WHAT YOU GET: About 7-10 nutrient-dense snacks

Ever wish you had a personal nutritionist to pick out your meals for the day? I sure do. All of the snacks in this delicious snack box are selected by FitSnack’s nutritionist and have health-conscious qualities like GMO-free, high protein, low sugar, gluten-free, organic, raw, vegan and all-natural. They even send new workouts each month from a personal trainer which is perfect for those upcoming New Year resolutions. Sign us up!



Gainz Box


PRICE: $32 per box + $7 Shipping; 3 Months: $31 per box, 6 Months: $30 per box, 12 Months: $29 per box (+ $7 Shipping)

WHAT YOU GET: Fitness apparel, gear, supplements and snacks

It is scary to hit the gym during a pandemic, but you can still stay in shape at home with Gainz Box. This box does a great job giving you a variation of apparel (in your size), equipment, snacks, supplements and all things fitness. Our box had whey protein infused popcorn which sounds weird, but I can’t get enough of it! Gainz Box has several holiday boxes coming up and exciting collabs with Jason Khalipa, NC FIT (November box) and CT Fletcher (December box). *Ships to all military bases around the world.




PRICE: $34.95 per regular box; #SuperSnacker Box: $59.95, up to 15% off for 3, 6 and 12 month options

WHAT YOU GET: Regular: 9+ premium snacks; #SuperSnacker: 18+ premium snacks

This box does not fail to deliver a variety of delicious, nutritious and fun snacks that you won’t feel guilty finishing. (And we finished every last bite). Clean.Fit promises the snacks will never include GMOs, artificial preservatives, trans fat, fake sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup. The all-natural and real snacks delivered right to your door makes the box a must-have. *Use code WELLNESS360 for $7 off!


Sippin’ Away on Holiday


Sips by


PRICE: $15 per box; 3 Month Gift: $45, 6 Month Gift: $90, 12 Month Gift: $180

WHAT YOU GET: 4 different teas, equaling 15+ fresh cups

“But what if I don’t like the tea?!” Don’t sweat it! Sips by has a free tea test that goes in depth into what you love and what you CANNOT stand in your tea, from flavors to caffeine levels to packaged or loose tea. Once you get the tea, they give you a great card that tells you all about the tea they chose for you. Grab a mug, grab a book and enjoy your tea journey.



SUBSCRIPTION TYPE: Quarterly (Seasonal)

PRICE: $79 per quarterly box; Holiday Special Pictured: 12 Nights of Wine Home for the Holidays box: $129

WHAT YOU GET: 9 wine vials plus earn credits for full size bottles

This box is, for lack of better words, super cool. Unlike most subscription boxes that come in cardboard, Vinebox comes in a sleek, silky-matte box that opens from the top. Luxury from the beginning. Inside there are nine vials that are honestly bigger than I expected, coming in just taller than a wine glass with enough wine to fill it. The vials allow you to taste nine different delicious wines without committing to the full bottle, and it allows your friends to become jealous of your subscription. Plus, you can even gift the box to your mother-in-law who, admit it, you never know what to get. *21 and over!


It’s The Food For Me


Universal Yums


PRICE: Starting at $13.75 per box; Yum Box (6+ Snacks): $13.75 per box, Yum Yum Box (12+ Snacks): $22.92 per box, Super Yum Box (20+ Snacks): $35.75 per box

WHAT YOU GET: Popular foreign snacks curated from different countries

Universal Yums is hands-down universal fun. We tested out the Yum Yum box from Russia, and it did not disappoint. With snacks ranging from mushroom croutons (not my favorite, but interesting to try) to mouth-watering chocolate and surprisingly good kebab-flavored potato chips, we had a blast. The Yum Yum box and the Super Yum Box also comes with a 16 page booklet full of snack descriptions, recipes, and trivia all about the country of the month. They even include a scoreboard for you to keep track of which snacks you like.



SUBSCRIPTION TYPE: Weekly Flexible Plan

PRICE: Starting at $61 per box

WHAT YOU GET: Ingredients and recipes for weekly meals

These recipes are so delicious, I found myself wishing for leftovers! However, HelloFresh delivers exactly what you need for the recipes so you don’t need to waste any of the fresh ingredients. Each week, you log onto the website or app and hand-pick which meals you want from their large list of recipes. They offer plans for two or four people per meal, with a choice of two, three, four or five recipes per week. Plus, they even offer vegetarian, pescatarian, calorie smart, family friendly and quick meal options.


A Box For Everyone


Breo Box

SUBSCRIPTION TYPE: Quarterly (Seasonal)

PRICE: $159 per box; Annual Subscription: $579, Gift Boxes: 1 Season $159, 2 Seasons $309, 3 Seasons $449, 4 Seasons $589

WHAT YOU GET: 5-8 high-end lifestyle gadgets

Coming in at almost three times the size (seriously) of most subscription boxes, if you are looking to “treat-yo-self”, this is the extravagant box you were looking for. Breo box advertises their box as full of cool gadgets and that is exactly what this is. While on the pricier side, you get everything you are paying for with all the tech, fitness and lifestyle products you didn’t know you needed. With reputable brands included like Yeti and Oxo, you know these products are great quality.




SUBSCRIPTION TYPE: Quarterly (Seasonal)

PRICE: $49.99; Annual Subscription: $179.99

WHAT YOU GET: 8-10 full-sized, premium products

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone else or just a present for yourself for making it through 2020, FabFitFun is sure to bring some joy into your life. This large box delivers top gifts in beauty, self-care and home goods, with up to three customizations to your own liking. If you want more customizations, you can prepay for the Annual subscription and get five, early-access customizations. They even have add-ons you can include in your box. Right as you open the box, you’ll already be wondering how soon the next one will arrive.



Bespoke Post

SUBSCRIPTION TYPE: Monthly Club Member

PRICE: $45 for Club Members; $55 for Non-Members

WHAT YOU GET: Diverse and wide range of quality products

Even though the Bespoke Post boxes have a smaller amount of products than most subscription boxes, the products you do receive are grand. Boxes range from one product, such as the wireless headphones above, or several products pertaining
to the box theme. Bespoke Post constantly has multiple box options live on their website that club members can choose from, and you won’t be disappointed.


The Book of the Month


PRICE: $14.99; 3 Month Gift: $49.99, 6 Month Gift: $89.99, 12 Month Gift: $169.99

WHAT YOU GET: One book from the monthly selections (Add-on another for $9.99)

Sweater weather is coming up, and if you are like me, you’re on the search for a great book to read this holiday season. With the Book of the Month, members receive five book selections each month, and they can choose one with the option of adding more on. The Book of the Month is a great way to expand your reading repertoire with fantastic books and authors you have never heard of.


Gentleman’s Box

SUBSCRIPTION TYPE: Monthly or Quarterly

PRICE: $29 per monthly box; $100 per Premium Quarterly box

WHAT YOU GET: Monthly box: 4-6 apparel and lifestyle accessories; Quarterly box: 4-5 luxury goods catered to each season

Calling all the dapper fellows out there looking to spice up their wardrobe and life. While this box is catered toward those who identify as male, anyone can open this box and start drooling. The outdoor-themed, premium box we tested was full of full-size, luxury items and even included a large blanket and a hammock with a mosquito net! Jealous? If the premium is a little too pricey, they also offer a monthly box that comes with smaller (but just as classy) accessories such as ties, dress socks, grooming supplies… you know… gentlemanly things. This box is definitely making its way onto my holiday gifts shopping list.



In a nutshell:

I’ll admit it. I’m absolutely HOOKED on subscription boxes. I am already planning which boxes to send to my family and friends for holiday gifts. It’s one big present that is full of presents — who wouldn’t love that? And, of course, I am writing down the ones to add to my wish list. Heck, I might even treat myself. Products shipped to me each month? Knowing me, I will forget I signed up for them, it will show up in the mail and then it’s the ultimate gift from me to me. Yes, no matter what the price is, they can add up over the year (especially the more extravagant boxes). My verdict is: If you budget it, if you WANT it and if it will make you happy, hands down get it, dude. A happy you makes the world brighter, and at the rate this year is going, everyone deserves a little love.



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