We Tried It!

By admin

Were you interested in trying out a barre class, but hesitant to give it a go? Curious about those painted rocks you have seen around town and want to learn more? The Wellness360 team has got you covered!

Barre Forte

After months of interest, nine members of the Wellness360 team decided to give barre a try, so we all went to try a class at Barre Forte! Only two of us had ever taken a barre class before, so we really did not know what to expect. With our grip socks in hand, we walked into Barre Forte ready to sweat!

With fun music pumping throughout the studio, we started off with a nice stretch in the center of the room. Then we broke out the weights and the work really got started! After working on our arms and core, we moved over to the barre. There our glutes and legs really got a workout!

Even though the majority of us had little experience with dance/barre class, we found it fun to follow along, albeit a little challenging at times. We all felt a little sore the next day, but that is just the sign of a great workout!

In a nutshell: We all had a lot of fun and felt we got a good workout. Make sure to bring grip socks and water!

Rock Painting

After learning about the Rockin’ Alachua County Facebook page, we decided to get in on the rock painting fun! We bought ourselves a bag of landscaping rocks from Home Depot, picked up some acrylic paints and got a clear sealant spray to protect our creations from the crazy Florida weather. From strawberries and pineapples to jellyfish and penguins, we let our creative sides take over! Once the paint was dried on each rock, we wrote “Rockin’ Alachua County FB” on the undersides, so people would know where the rocks came from, and then sprayed them with the clear sealant. Between rainy days, we hid our rocks at local parks, like Veterans Memorial Park and Westside Recreation Center, to bring joy to whoever finds them!

In a nutshell: Painting is not just for kids! We were able to let our brains be creative and we got to bond as we painted. It is a great way to take a break!