What is Espresso Powder?

By Amanda Roland

Did you know you’re not supposed to drink espresso powder? Although many may associate this mystery powder with espresso coffee, they are not the same. It is actually meant to be used for baking and seasoning. 

Espresso powder dissolves when mixed with liquid. It mainly enhances chocolate related recipes. However, if you add more powder to the recipe, it will give it a coffee flavor. It is usually not available at the grocery store, but you can find it online or at a specialty store. 

This versatile powder is very useful for making a lot of things. Here are some ideas to incorporate it in your next meal. 

  • Season your steak with the powder before cooking to enhance the flavor. 
  • Add it to your next batch of brownies to enhance the chocolate flavor. 
  • Make a vinaigrette out of it to switch up your salad. 
  • Add it to your chili or stew. 
  • Add it to your barbecue sauce to bring some flavor to your next cook-out. 
  • Use it as a spice to sprinkle on top of your food, it will garnish it and add a new flavor. 

While you can’t substitute espresso powder in your espresso drinks, there is a plethora of other ways to use this magic powder! Get creative and incorporate it into your next meal for a new taste!

by Isabela Rosa