What Should You Put On Your 2020 Vision Board?

By Amanda Roland

2020 is here, so it might be time to update your vision board. We are in a new decade after all! Maybe you have some new dreams and aspirations to manifest in 2020, or maybe you completed all your previous goals in the last decade and need some new ones! Whatever the reason, creating a vision board is a great way to get creative and visualize what you want your life to look like in the near or far future. Since January 11 is National Vision Board Day, this weekend is the perfect time to start creating!! Not sure what to put on your vision board? Don’t worry!

Here things to include on your 2020 vision board:

  1. Where do you want to travel?
  2. Your goals for revamping/redecorating your space.
  3. Your expectations for relationships with friends/family/sig others
  4. Should you introduce a furry friend to your life?
  5. What will your 2020 buzz word be?
  6. Dream home?
  7. Make a move? Is your goal to move to a new city soon?
  8. Financial goals/money moves
  9. Leave bad energy/relationships/jobs/thoughts in 2020 
  10. Negative words/phrases to cut out in 2020
  11. New foods you want to try this year
  12. Write out your short term and long term goals 
  13. Describe your mentors and what you admire about them 
  14. Phrases that inspire and motivate you
  15. Where to volunteer and give back this year?
  16. How can you better your health? Physical and mental
  17. That new bag/pair of shoes/watch/XBOX/AirPods you’ve been saving up for. Go ahead, you deserve it.

As you can see, there are so many things that you can put on your vision to fill it up, and feel free to add anything else that sparks your interest. Think of it as a blank canvas to illustrate and articulate how you want to live your life. 

Tips for making your vision board awesome:

  1. Use clippings from old magazines to decorate your board 
  2. Use glitter and other eye-catching materials to make your ideas stand out 
  3. Create a color scheme to make your board as aesthetically pleasing as possible