What to Do with Your Friends This Galentine’s Day

By Amelia Bowles
Table with Galentine treats and pink table cloth and flowers

When it comes to Galentine’s day, loving your friends and yourself is a top priority! These activities are just the things to help you relax, connect and work on wellness together. Get creative with self-care or work out how to fit 10 rom coms into one sitting. Whatever you choose, know that it’s bound to be your best Galentine’s Day yet.

Spa night

Take a trip to a local beauty or drug store and pick out different self-care items like facial cleansers, face masks, hand or foot scrubs, nail polish, hair masks, etc. Choose some healthy recipes such as smoothies, goddess bowls, salads or wraps to make with your friends, and have a wellness experience both inside and out.

Movie marathon

Laughing, crying and connecting over cheesy 90s and 2000s rom-coms is just the way to spend a cozy night in with your friends. Grab some good food and good people and get started for this long night of true love with the people that truly get you.

Painting or pottery

Get creative with your friends and sign up for a painting class or find a pottery painting studio. This is a great way to bond while doing something fun and learn about each other in the process. Plus, you’ll have a super cute piece of art to take home when you’re finished!

Workout class

If you and your friends like to be active, go to your favorite fitness or yoga studio and take a class together. This will be a fun opportunity for you to support one another in your personal health and wellness journeys.

Throw a pink party

Invite your friends over for a party that is all things pink! Serve pink cocktails (or mocktails), balsamic strawberry crostini, penne alla vodka and pink desserts. Decorate with pink balloons, streamers or confetti. Have your guests dress in as much pink attire as they can find, and decide if you want to make it fancier with sequins and haute (pink) couture or more casual with pajamas and loungewear. End the night with some women empowerment by watching “Barbie” and eating pink popcorn.

After this Galentine’s Day, these activities will become regulars in the friend group. So, get your pink on and go celebrate this holiday with the people you love most!

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