What’s Trending for 2017

By admin

By Christopher Pregony B.S., C.S.C.S.

What is coming to the fitness world in 2017? Group classes are still on the rise, however the cream is starting to rise to the top. Advances in technology are definitely something to look out for. There are watches that track your every move, apps that cost money when you misbehave and a social network centered on fitness. One of my favorite new trends is food delivery services. No matter what your fitness goals are for the New Year, these trends are sure to help you along your journey.


Group fitness concepts are still growing in popularity. Although CrossFit has been the most notable brand, there are others that are making their way on the scene. Some of your old standbys are making a comeback, such as boxing and ballet, along with some new fitness routines. One bizarre trend involves mimicking animal movements. You heard right — people are bounding around like gorillas or chimps to stay in shape! Sounds strange, but the moves are extremely challenging.


Studies have shown that people who keep track of their workouts tend to yield better results. Be on the lookout this year for upgrades to your favorite fitness watches. One brand that is worth keeping an eye out for is New Balance. They’re coming out with an Android-based watch that combined minds from Intel and Google. It has GPS as well as storage for music. This will be a good one for outdoor workouts.

Tracking calories may become a whole lot easier in the future. Google is working on developing a smart contact lens that has the ability to monitor blood glucose levels. Although it is geared toward diabetics, it could eventually help the general public.

Jawbone has allowed us to keep track of our steps for years now. They have recently bought a med tech company, Spectros, which specializes in devices that monitor oxygen levels in the blood. They have also said that they are focusing on computing caloric burn more accurately and are looking in to the amount of REM we get every night.


Cody is basically the Facebook of fitness apps. People share their workouts, eating habits and pictures on this social media platform. This is great for those who need the support of a group to help them through their fitness journeys.

Pact, formerly Gympact, makes its users put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. Users place money down that will diminish if they miss a workout.

Lose It! and MyFitnessPal are great apps for tracking calories and macronutrient distribution. Their databases of food have grown exponentially and cover everything from Chips Ahoy! to kale salad.

No matter what new trends pop up in 2017, don’t forget that 30 minutes of physical activity along with a balanced diet can go a long way. We have more tools at our disposal than ever and yet the rate of obesity continues to rise. Remember, these tools can only take you so far. It starts with you!