Why Should You Buy A Salt Lamp?

By Amanda Roland

Feeling lethargic, anxious and irritable? It might be because you have too many positive ions circling about. That’s right, this is one case where positivity can cause a serious problem. Air conditioning units, fluorescent lighting, computers and your hair dryers are all devices that put out positive ions into the atmosphere. In order to neutralize these, you need to add a dose of negativity. Hello, Himalayan salt lamp.

Yes, you can sprinkle it on your food, but Himalayan salt also produces the same negative ions that are found in the air after a spring rain, at the beach and by waterfalls. Feel refreshed after a day at the beach? This is why!

Linked to strengthening the immune system, reinforcing collagen and increasing the flow
of oxygen to the brain, this is one time where you can lay on the salt.