Why Should You Start Meal Prepping?

By Amanda Roland

Mornings can be a race against the clock as you try to get yourself out the door to work on time. It’s easy to tell yourself you can just buy lunch, but buying the same thing everyday can become repetitive. In the evening after a long day at work, all you want to do is relax and cooking dinner is out of the question. The solution? Meal prepping. Meal prepping saves money, time and you can control what is going into your body. 


Eating out at restaurants for every meal adds up fast! Taking an extra two hours out of your Sunday to grocery shop and cook will ultimately save you money. The nine dollars you’d spend at Chipotle could be used to buy chicken breasts that will last you a whole week. Buying grains and nuts in bulk can also save money because they won’t perish in your pantry.  


Making lunch each morning could mean waking up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than normal and for a working adult, that could mean the early hours of the morning. Meal prepping on Sunday night will save you time in the mornings (or the evenings if you prep dinner) and leave room for more important things like exercising, your favorite TV show or some extra sleep. 

Control What’s Going in Your Body   

If you’re trying to eat healthier or want to start counting macros, meal prepping is the perfect way to start. By cooking for yourself, you know exactly what ingredients are going into your body and how much. Many meal prepping recipes can be easily imported into MyFitnessPal or other food tracking apps.

Environmentally Friendly 

Getting takeout often means plastic silverware, styrofoam containers and plastic bags. After you finish your meal, these products will just end up in another landfill. Meal prepping just requires reusable containers and some silverware from your kitchen. Find a cute lunch box and assorted containers to do your part in keeping our planet clean! 

By Morgan Hill