Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Night

By Amanda Roland

Self-care is so important. With our busy schedules and endless to-do lists, we often forget to take care of ourselves and relax! Here are some ways to treat yourself to an at-home spa night that will let you recharge and make you feel pampered.

Find your favorite essential oils

Within the past couple of years, essentials oils have become more of a staple in the everyday household. Different oils can be used to sooth itchy skin, reduce acne and some can even be consumed to aid with digestion, but the most popular way that people use essential oils is through a diffuser. Put your favorite calming essential oils into a diffuser to fill your room with blissful scents that will make you feel like you are in a real spa. My favorite essential oils for relaxation are lavender, chamomile and rose. Give them a try and feel your stress melt away.

Try a bath bomb

If you love taking baths after a long day, try adding a bath bomb. They are made out of a mixture of citric acid and baking soda (to make them fizzy), bath salts and essential oils. You drop them into a warm bath and watch them fizz and bubble, turning your bath into a magical soothing soak. You can buy bath bombs at most cosmetic stores, or you can visit online stores like that sell handmade bath bombs. Most bath bombs are under $10 so that you can experience spa-like relaxation in the comfort of your own bath without spending hundreds at a traditional spa.

Make your own face mask

Why spend $50 on a face mask when you can make one at home with fresh ingredients from your kitchen. Lots of the food in your kitchen like yogurt, honey, avocado and coconut oil can all be used to make face masks that are not only relaxing and soothing, but they can drastically improve your skin. There are multiple fresh face mask recipes that you can find online to make for your at home spa day, but my favorite is a citrus yogurt mask. Mix a tablespoon of plain yogurt with a tablespoon of fresh orange juice plus some pulp from the orange. If you have aloe available, add a teaspoon to the mix for an extra calming mask. Mix all of the ingredients together, and put a generous layer on your face for 5-10 minutes. When done, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Your skin will feel soft and fresh-as if you just had a facial.

Skip the hassle and price tag of going to a spa, and just enjoy one at your house. Use these tips to create your own relaxing spa-like experience.


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