Modalities of Massage

By Danielle Spano Massage improves health and healing through touch and movement. Most of us simply relate massage to relaxation, but it also has therapeutic benefits that were recognized as far back as ancient Egypt. There are many different types of massage, each serving a different purpose. To get the most out of your massage, [...]

Relaxing with Reflexology

  By Meredith Sheldon What if your back pain or scorching headache could be relieved with the push of button? Well, it can, but instead of a button, it is a spot on your body. These spots, known as reflex points, correspond to specific organs, glands or muscles, which can be relaxed by a light [...]

Supportive Oncology Program: A New Take on Care

By Teal Garth | Photos Courtesy of UF Health UF Health Shands Hospital is known as a place that houses the latest medical techniques and technological advancements, but health care isn’t always all about the actual medicine. It is often about providing the emotional support patients need, or rather finding a balance between the two. After about two years of [...]