Collagen, The New Fountain of Youth


By Isabella Sorresso Alongside kombucha and the keto diet, another popular health trend right now is the addition of collagen to your daily routine and diet. Whether it’s for beauty products, losing weight or helping with joints, collagen is trending everywhere right now. According to MedicalNewsToday, collagen is a fibrous protein that makes up one-third [...]

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The Truth Behind the Fizzle: Dangers of Diet Soda


By Caroline Strogis Diet soda, known for its crisp and sugary taste, has been around for a long time; targeting people who are looking to enjoy a sweet drink without maxing out their daily calorie intake. It is a product of the diet and weight-loss industry that is worth $66 billion and aiming for consumers [...]

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A Veterinary Breakthrough Comes to Gainesville


By Amanda Rowland As our world progresses, the advances that society makes in the medical field continue to be groundbreaking. We are so thankful to have doctors, surgeons, physicians, nurses and countless other healthcare professionals that keep us all healthy and save lives –but what about the lives of our four-legged family members? Those of [...]

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Getting the Lowdown on Inflammation


By Tracy Wright When an infection strikes the body, it can trigger a certain response like a fever or a sore throat. Often, when a body sustains a blow, it signals an immune response known as inflammation. Most of us know the symptoms of inflammation: redness, pain and swelling. But, do we really understand its [...]

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Mobile Health Apps: Do They Work?


By Brian Byrne There are a multitude of mobile health apps downloadable today. Some monitor our sleep patterns, others measure our stress levels, and some are able to measure a person’s “step count,” using it to simulate their chance of survival in a Zombie apocalypse. However, no matter how fun and attractive these apps may [...]

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