BOSU for Beginners

By Christopher Pregony, BS, CSCS | Photos by Sincerely Gone Photography The BOSU Balance Trainer has been around since the year 2000, and with 17 years under its belt, we can safely say that this half ball is not a fad. Made in the United States, the BOSU ball was created by David Weck, a [...]

Movement, Music and Muscles: 360Living with Gary McClain

By Colleen McTiernan | Photo by Jimmy Ho Photography Since his high school days, Gary McClain, aka DJ Ruckus, has been enamored with hip-hop dancing. Although he had been introduced to the style through his father’s robot dance moves, he did not truly understand how broad the dance spectrum was (popping, waving, etc.) until he [...]

Ask The Oncologist

By Andres Bhatia, MD Dr. Bhatia went to Medical School at UCCEM in Puerto Rico and did his residency and fellowship at Cleveland Clinic. He has been in private practice in Gainesville since 1993, and he joined Florida Cancer Specialists in 2010. Aside from genetics, what other cancer risk factors should I look out for? Should [...]