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Sensational Salads

Building Sensational Salads For Health

Salads are often recommended as a healthy meal alternative for people who are trying to lose weight or just eat more balanced, nutritious meals. The problem? Many salads don’t fill people up, leaving them wanting more food. This can often… read more

Washing machine with towels on top

How to Keep Your Appliances CLEAN!

We rely on our household appliances to keep our homes and ourselves clean. But how do we keep those machines clean? From dishwashers to washing machines to vacuums, we need to ensure that our cleaning machines are sanitary before we… read more

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Where To See Manatees In Florida

November to April is manatee season! Now is the perfect time to catch a glimpse of these gentle giants. So, here are the best places to find them. (But remember - look, never touch!) 1. Crystal River Crystal River is… read more

Workouts for the Week

Exercises Inspired by our Animal Friends

Researchers often look to nature to help improve the human experience. Even the basic principles of flight were found from birds. Throughout human history we have used the world around us to enhance our abilities. So why not turn to… read more

Try Water Aerobics

Find Out Why You Should Try Water Aerobics

The term water aerobics has gotten a bad rep, constantly coming off as an easy exercise performed in the shallow end of the pool. However, water aerobics applies to several different water activities that increase your breathing and heart rate… read more

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