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Eat As They do in the Mediterranean

Cultures around the world have thrived consuming a variety of traditional cuisines and staple foods unique to their region. Perhaps the most well known traditional dietary pattern for promoting health is the Traditional Mediterranean Diet (TMD), first recognized in the… read more

Ask the Liver Specialist

Brittany Gannon is a board-certified adult-geriatric nurse practitioner who graduated from the University of Florida with her Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN), followed by her Master of Science in nursing (MSN). What does my liver do? Your liver is an amazing organ! It… read more

The Keys to Happiness

There are many factors to consider when thinking about your happiness. Aside from the activities and people that typically bring a smile to your face, there are some things that you might not even realize are contributing to (or detracting… read more

Ted Talks: Quitting Time

I think I can put my gastrointestinal résumé up against most folks’. When I was 12, I ate 12 tacos out of a 20-shell family pack. I once ground through 76 ounces of steak in the name of journalism. My college nickname? Hoover, because of… read more

Food Aversions Explained

Most people have a few foods that they don’t like. Ahem, no onions please! But for some, the dislike is severe and, in some cases, debilitating. What is food aversion? According to the Cleveland Clinic, a food aversion is defined… read more

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Workouts for the Week

Is Group Fitness Right For Me?

Let’s face it, when it comes to working out we could all use some motivation. Being accountable to yourself only gets you so far. Adherence to a program becomes so much easier when it involves others. Getting a personal trainer… read more

Swimming: Your New Favorite Workout!

When it comes to a low impact, highly impactful workout, look no farther than the pool in your backyard or your community. That’s right, swimming is back in style and full of so many benefits, you may never venture to… read more

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