10 Fitness Trends to Keep You Moving This Season

By Meredith Sheldon

Spring into action this season to reach or maintain some of your fitness goals. Follow these 10 fitness trends to keep your heart pumping and feet moving.

Fitness trackers

Fitbit, Apple Watch, mobile apps, Polar bands … you know the deal. Exercise-tracking technology is advancing, and it can help you achieve your health goals. Whether you are trying to shed a few pounds before summer vacation or training for a half marathon, using fitness trackers can help you monitor your progress.

Bodyweight training & TRX

Bigger muscles aren’t always better. If you are looking to get lean and toned this season rather than big and bulky, TRX and bodyweight training are the perfect fitness techniques to maximize your endurance and muscular strength without bulking up.

Foam rolling

Calling all runners and lifters! If you are looking to rehab an injury or increase your flexibility, you might want to give foam rolling a try. Foam rollers, which look like firm pool noodles, are rolled on muscles to increase blood flow and release tightness.

Outdoor workouts

Suns out, guns out. With nice spring weather rolling in, lace up your running shoes and jog down a track or hike a new trail to build your endurance in a fun and enjoyable way. You can even bring your dog!

Gliding discs

These circular, sliding discs are a cool new fitness trend that will glide you in the right direction toward your fitness goals. Stand on the discs and do sliding lunges or even mountain climbers, and you will definitely feel the burn in your leg and core muscles.

Barre classes

Looking to incorporate isometric and muscle-toning exercises into your routine? You can do that in a barre class. Attending these classes will allow you to build up strength in your core, arms and legs without the stresses of high impact exercises.

Hot Pilates and yoga

If you want to feel the burn from the intense heat and exercise, then hot Pilates or hot yoga should be at the top of your fitness to-do list. Hot Pilates and yoga incorporate high intensity exercises to strengthen your muscles, and the heat helps burn fat and calories.

Recovery wear

Compression sleeves or tights will help increase blood flow and help relieve muscle pain after a tough workout.

Cupping therapy

You may have seen some of your friends with giant, pepperoni-looking circles imprinted on their backs or arms. This is from cupping therapy, which is an alternative form of medicine that suctions parts of the skin to help increase blood flow and alleviate muscle tension and pain, according to WebMD.

Group training classes

Nothing is more motivating than having a friend by your side while working out. Whether you are hitting the treadmill at an Orangetheory Fitness class or powerlifting weights at CrossFit, exercising with a buddy or group in an instructor-led class will keep you moving this season.


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