Meredith Sheldon

Why Stress is Bad

6 Reasons Why Stress is Bad for Your Health

Sweat drips down your face, your heart pumps fast and your hands nervously twitch. You’re stressed. We’ve all been there, and it is important to know how stress can negatively impact your health. Here are six reasons why stress is… read more

Truth About Heartburn

Burning Up: The Truth About Heartburn

Feeling the burn? If a wave of pain is rushing through your chest, it might not be coming from your heart. Those aches that feel like chest pain could actually be coming from somewhere else. Let's learn the truth about… read more

Keep Your Brain Strong

How to Keep Your Brain Strong as You Age

As we get older, we change. Our bodies change, behaviors change and friend groups and social activities change. And, of course, our brains also change. With age, it is important to keep your brain strong and stimulated. Mental acuity, according… read more

Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

5 Recipes for a Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates? Heart-shaped donuts? Pink frosted cupcakes? Valentine’s Day foods are loaded with love — and with saturated fats and calories. Give your loved ones a sweet treat this holiday that will guarantee a heart-healthy Valentine's Day! Dark-Chocolate… read more

Fitness Apps

4 Fitness Apps You Need to Try

Whether you are streaming up-beat music while lifting weights or tracking your distance while running, your phone plays an important role in your workout. Download these four fitness apps on your device to keep yourself motivated and moving, both in… read more