5 Health Experts You Won’t Want To Miss This Year!

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Health Experts

We all know to go to the doctor when we are sick. And if it goes beyond the basic cold, many times we are referred to other experts who can help our ailments. But, with the mindset of “new year, new you,” there are other health experts that you can visit possibly without the need for a referral! Instead of seeing them when something is wrong, it is good to see them for preventative measures and to learn about good health practices in general.


A licensed Aesthetician is a great asset for taking care of your skin. With the latest technology and techniques at their fingertips, they can go over best practices for maintaining healthy and glowing skin, work with you on wrinkles and fine line prevention and even help keep those acne breakouts at bay (yes, as adults we have those, too!). Some techniques an aesthetician can do are microdermabrasion, microneedling, facials and more.


Sitting for hours on end hunched over the computer can begin to wreak havoc on your skeletal system and muscles. Setting an appointment up with a licensed massage therapist can help relax those tense muscles that can help your posture, gait and back for years to come. In addition to your back, make sure they also massage your arms, hands, legs and feet. You can hold tension in all those areas.


According to a NPR report, around the globe, roughly 11 million deaths a year are linked to a poor diet. Without food, we can not function. But, with the wrong foods, we are causing more harm than good to our bodies. Enlist the help of a dietician if you are curious about your nutritional health, training for an event, overweight and want to get back to your ideal weight or if you can’t sleep. Learning how to eat, how the foods can help your overall health and when to eat should be priorities for living a healthy and fulfilled life!


A yearly visit to your dermatologist is very important, especially since we live in Florida. The sun emits harmful rays every day, even with clouds, and those rays play havoc on our skin. Scheduling routine visits with your dermatologist and having a full body check, even in between fingers and toes, can catch something before it becomes too serious. Your dermatologist may take samples of spots, remove skin tags and treat acne and skin issues. It’s important to keep your largest organ (an adult has about 8 lbs of skin on their body) as healthy as can be, for as long as you can!


There is such a wonderful world out there, waiting to be seen! So, make sure your eyes are in tip top condition. Even if you think you see clearly, you should see an ophthalmologist once a year to get your eyes checked. They can look for underlying diseases and correct vision problems if they see any.


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