Try Online Yoga Classes for Senior Adults

By Amanda Roland
yoga for seniors

Just because there is still a pandemic affecting our community, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop getting exercise. In fact, keeping your body physically healthy is one way to protect yourself from getting sick. And, it is important to make sure your more mature friends and family members are staying active, too. If you are a senior adult or living with an older person, here are some online yoga classes for senior adults that you can do to make sure we all stay active inside! 

Chair Yoga from Yoga With Adriene

Yoga is great for those who have lost some strength in their knees and legs. This class uses a chair to support you as you work through some classic yoga poses. This is great for seniors who have a moderate range of motion. Yoga with Adriene also offers many other yoga classes that you can try as you get more comfortable with the movements!

7-Minute Yoga Workout from SilverSneakers

Silver Sneakers is a health program for seniors, and they have a YouTube channel full of great workouts for senior adults. This 7-Minute Yoga Workout is perfect for strengthening your balance and flexibility. 

Gentle Yoga from HER Network

This full-body yoga session will help improve your flexibly, especially in the hips. This session is slightly more challenging, so a good range of motion in the legs, hips and arms is needed. 

*always consult your doctor before trying a new type of exercise to make sure it is right for you*


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