7 Exercises That Are Better with Workout Buddies!

By Trace Ferguson
workout buddies

We’ve found seven exercises that you can do with a friend! Friends are the best workout buddies because they keep you motivated, make exercising fun and hold you accountable to your goals! Try out these exercises with your favorite workout buddy this week!

Jump squats with a clap

For this, you want to stand side-by-side with your friend, facing opposite directions. At the same time, sink into a low squat. From the squat, push off and jump up. While jumping, put both your arms up and high-five each other with your closest hand. Repeat eight to 12 times and then switch sides.

Wheelbarrow pushup with squat

With this exercise, person A will get in a plank position, making sure that their arms are straight and their core is tight. Person B will stand at person A’s feet. Then, person B will lift person A’s ankles so that person A is in a wheelbarrow position. From there, person A will go down into a pushup and, simultaneously, person B will squat. As person A returns into a plank, person B will stand back up. Repeat eight to 12 times, then switch roles.

Squat twist and pass

You will need a medicine ball for this exercise. Both partners should lower into a squat with their backs against each other. While in a squatting position, twist and pass the medicine ball to each other. The ball should be at stomach height. Do this for two minutes, as fast as possible. Rest and repeat, passing the ball in the opposite direction.

Sit-up pass

This exercise also requires a medicine ball or weight of some sort. Both partners should lie with their backs on the floor, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your feet in between one another’s. Person A will hold the medicine ball with straight arms. Both partners should contract their abs and sit up. Your arms should be brought overhead to pass the medicine ball to each other. Every time you sit up, you should pass the medicine ball, return to the floor and stretch the ball overhead before coming back up to the sit-up position. Repeat eight to 12 times.

Assisted leg press

In this exercise, person A will lie on their back and person B will have a hold on their feet. Person B will push A’s feet (and invariably, their legs) toward person A’s chest. Make sure that person A’s legs are being “pushed” in a bent position. This helps stretch person A’s legs while person B gets an upper body workout. Repeat eight to 12 times and then switch.

Leg throw down

For this exercise, person A lies on their back and person B stands over them by their head. Person A will lift their legs towards their head, keeping their legs straight. Then, person B will grab person A’s ankles and hold them for several seconds. Person B will then throw down person A’s legs. Person A should not let their legs completely touch the ground. They should hold their legs off the ground for five seconds before raising them back up to person B. Repeat eight to 12 times and then switch.

Assisted squat

If the previous squatting exercises were too challenging, this one is meant for beginners! Both partners should stand facing each other. Person B should grab Person A’s wrists and act as an anchor while person A goes down into a squat. Person A’s back should be as straight as possible. Repeat eight to 12 times and then switch places.


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