Alachua County Released an Emergency Order Following the State’s Phase 3 of Reopening

By Amanda Roland
Alachua County Released an Emergency Order

On September 25, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an order that allowed Florida to embark on Phase 3 of reopening the state, allowing a full reopening of bars, restaurants, theme parks and other businesses. Alachua County released an emergency order on October 9 in response to the reopening.

The main goal of Alachua County’s order is to reinforce the standing COVID-19 requirements, like restricting gatherings of 50+ people and requiring face masks. Gatherings over 50 people must be social distancing or wearing masks if social distancing is not possible.

“Masks Required” signs are still mandatory for businesses, and employees must continue to wear masks as well.

Also, WCJB reported that DeSantis issued a statement saying that Florida stadiums can now operate at full capacity. The University of Florida, however, will continue to seek advice from health experts before making any changes to The Swamp’s 20% capacity rule.

To read and review Alachua County’s Emergency Order, click here.


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