April Tisher

Financing Your Furry Friends

Cute faces, fuzzy snuggles and loyal companionship make animals so endearing to us. The thought of coming home from work to a cat sleeping on the couch, an excited puppy waiting at the door or fish swimming peacefully in your… read more

“Good” Bacteria?

“Good” Bacteria? What You Should Know About Probiotics

You can buy them in tablets, powders and liquids. Some must be refrigerated and are pricey, while less expensive ones can found the in grocery store aisle. They’re marked as “gut healthy,” with “live active cultures” and “good bacteria.” They’re sold worldwide in health foods stores,… read more

diversity your finances

How Do You Diversify Your Finances?

When you hear “diversify your finances,” what do you think? When it comes to your finances, do you know where your money is? Are all of your eggs in one basket or are you confused about what to do because… read more