6 Healthy Places To Go in Gainesville

By Meredith Sheldon

By Meredith Sheldon

Whether you are looking for a heart-healthy lunch or trying to break a sweat while working out, here are the top six fresh and fit places to try to satisfy every healthy activity.

  1. Grill Fresh
    Substitute the rice and beans at Chipotle for some sweet potato noodles and quinoa at Grill Fresh. This healthy restaurant located in Midtown off of University Avenue has everything your healthy heart desires ranging from grilled chicken and tofu to fresh vegetables, avocados and even kale sauces.

  2. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
    Sometimes the StairMaster at the gym can get boring. Change up your workout regimen and hit the stadium. Running loops up and down the bleachers or even sprinting your way to the top is a fun way to get in shape and build muscle.

  3. Vale Food Co.
    The newest addition to the healthy food scene in Gainesville is Vale Food Co., which opened March 1 on Archer Road. This healthy restaurant offers build-your-own bowls with fresh ingredients like chicken meatballs, grilled shrimp and chipotle whole-grain mac and cheese.

  4. Orangetheory Fitness
    If you are looking for a way to get motivated, Orangetheory Fitness in Gainesville is the way to get pumped up. Sign up for your first free class with a friend and increase your endurance on the treadmill and rower while also building muscle through weight training exercises.

  5. Big Island Bowls
    Acai bowls are hot on the market, but they can also be loaded with sugar. If you are looking for a sweet treat without the sugary, calorie-dense additives, head to Big Island Bowls off of Newberry Road to get a fresh acai base with healthy toppings like pollen.  
  1. Zoë’s Kitchen
    On the hunt for a fresh, healthy meal? Zoë’s Kitchen will satisfy your needs. The Mediterranean restaurant has grilled chicken and steak kabobs, hummus and an assortment of pitas, and salad combos that will keep you feeling fresh.