Vases: The Ultimate Accessory for Your Seasonal Flowers

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Flowers in vases

There is no right or wrong way to choose the perfect vessel to hold your new assortment of blooms. Whether it has abstract shapes, thick clear glass, swirls of deep hues or classic patterns painted in elegant designs, your flower vase choice can bring out the essence of your personality and uplift any room and bouquet to the next level.

Our Favorite Flower Vases

Vase image

Courtly Check Tall Vase by Mackenzie-Childs


Purse vase

Glass Bag Vase


Cube ball vase

Cube Ball Ceramic Vase


Yellow vase

Vietri Hibiscus Glass Amber Bud Vase

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The Home Place

Clear vase

Graham Petite Vase

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The Home Place

Blue vase

Nuvola Light Blue and White Small Fluted Vase

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The Home Place

Blue and gold vase

Colette Porcelain Vase by Rifle Paper


Modern blue vase

Tall Modern Glass Vase



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