Ted Spiker

Ted Talks: Sole to Soul

On the 1–10 adventure scale (1 being snuggled in bed, 10 being an Everest attempt), I would probably rate myself at about a 4. Try new things? Yes. Do so when there is a high chance that you will plummet… read more

Ted Talks: Hobby Shopping

Typically, I like to make decisions thoughtfully and quickly. I don’t hesitate over simple choices (tonight it shall be merlot!), I try to use a mix of logic and emotion to come to conclusions, and I don’t like to linger… read more

New Year New You

Ted Talks: New Year, New You

The season of resolutions usually brings about mantras of motivation and fist-pounding declarations that this year — THIS YEAR! — will be the one in which we [stop smoking/lose 25 pounds/give up bacon-cheese fries]. For good reason, too. Coming off… read more

Ted Talks: Will I Win the Food Fight?

At a recent gathering of friends and former colleagues, I caught up with some people I’ve seen only once or twice since the late ‘90s. Amidst the conversations, the reminiscing, the beer, the wings and an Oreo dirt concoction that… read more

Ted Talks: Can You Just Stop?

For more than two decades, Diet Coke, the artificial liquid was my oxygen. I had it with breakfast, all morning at my desk, with lunch, all afternoon at my desk, with dinner, all night by the couch. I pumped so… read more

Ted Talks: Quitting Time

I think I can put my gastrointestinal résumé up against most folks’. When I was 12, I ate 12 tacos out of a 20-shell family pack. I once ground through 76 ounces of steak in the name of journalism. My college nickname? Hoover, because of… read more

Ted Talks: Take the Plunge

When one of my good friends recently called me, he opened with this: “I think I got it.” For years, we’ve talked about signing up for some kind of physical challenge, but we just never found the right one. We… read more

Ted Talks: Is it time to ditch the workout tips?

In my role as a health writer, I’ve read, researched, and/or written hundreds—maybe thousands—of wellness tips. Do this. Do that. Don’t do this. Don’t, for the love of guacamole, ever eat 11 mashed avocados in 43 seconds! Tricks. Strategies. Actions.… read more