Feel the Booty Burn with This Workout Routine

By Amanda Roland
booty burn workout

Looking to build a better booty? Try out this workout that will make you feel the booty burn and help you reach your fitness goals!

Warm-up: Thirty jumping jacks and 10 air squats. Repeat three times.

Complete three rounds of the following exercises with minimal rest between each one to feel the booty burn. Rest 2–5 minutes between rounds.

Exercise Reps
1 Jump Squat 12
2 Walking Lunges 24 total (12 per leg)
3 High Knees 40 total (20 per leg)
4 Single-Leg Glute Bridge (Right Leg) 15
5 Ice Skaters 16 total (eight per side)
6 Single-Leg Glute Bridge (Left Leg) 15


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