Use These Online Resources to Workout With Your Kids!

By Amanda Roland
workout with kids

This Saturday, September 26, is National Family Health and Fitness Day. If you have kids running around, maybe it is time to introduce them to some exercises at home so you can work on your health and fitness together! Here are some great workouts that you can do to workout with your kids during quarantine.

Family Fun Cardio Workout by POPSUGAR Fitness

Get up and get moving with this fast passed cardio workout that you kids will love! They will feel challenged while getting in some good exercise.

Kid’s Workouts by FitOn

FitOn is a workout app that is completely free and provides you with a number of awesome at-home workouts. On the app, there is a “Workout with Kids” section that has beginner exercises, perfect to do with your rambunctious kiddos! Download the app to try out these workouts!

Yoga by Cosmic Kids

Teach your kids more about yoga and mindfulness right from home! With different themed videos, Cosmic Kids makes yoga a fun experience for kids with a lot of energy or who have trouble focusing. You can watch these videos on their website or on YouTube!


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