Find Out How To Celebrate UF Graduates Through Spring 2020 Online Celebrations

By Amanda Roland
online celebrations

As we all know, countless graduations across the county have been canceled or postponed until the end of the summer (tentatively). This has been devastating to a lot of high school and college graduates especially, as it feels like a right of passage have been taken from them. Thankfully, schools like the University of Florida are taking measures to make sure that their graduates’ accomplishments don’t go unrecognized this spring. Join UF online this weekend for Spring 2020 Online Celebrations! 

Most of these online celebrations will take place on the weekend of May 1 to May 3, and some are scheduled for May 15 and 16. To find out when your college will be recognized virtually, visit this website to find your college

“Though we cannot be together for our originally scheduled graduation weekend, we’re still eager to congratulate and recognize our Spring 2020 graduates through these online celebrations,” according to UF’s commencement website. “We are so proud of every #UFGrad and hope you will join your colleges for these events.”

UF has made it clear that this online celebration will not replace the rescheduled, in-person ceremony that is scheduled to take place the weekend of July 31-August 2, but instead, it is to give the students a sense of normalcy to be recognized at the end of their graduating semester. 


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