Find Out How To Eliminate Face Mask Irritation

By Amanda Roland
face mask

Face masks have become all the rage lately as the newest fashion trend! Whether you wear them just to the grocery store or all day at work, you might be experiencing some skin irritation on your face from your mask. Have no fear, we have some tips for you to protect your skin from face mask irritation.

1. If you are experiencing a lot of redness from your face mask, then using gentle skincare products will be the best thing for your skin right now. When it is safe to take off your mask, take it off and apply a gentle moisturizer to the red areas of the face and let it soak in. Also, try to avoid using more abrasive skincare products like exfoliators, peels or toners while your skin is irritated, as these may cause burning on your already irritated skin.

2. If you have to wear your face mask for long hours of the day, you may be experiencing cuts or scratched from the friction of the mask. It is important to keep these areas clean to avoid infection or scaring. Again, make sure you’re using gentle skincare products on your face, and if needed, try using a bacitracin ointment as an antibiotic on any affected area on the face. 

3. Wearing a mask could cause flare-ups of previously existing conditions like rosacea or eczema. To calm these flare up and decrease swelling, use a cold compress on the face for a few minutes to soothe your skin. 

4. Wearing a mask could cause acne to worsen or cause new breakouts to occur. This could be due to the hot air you’re breathing around your mouth, and it may cause you to sweat there and clog your pores more than normal. To avoid new breakouts, make sure you maintaining a routine skin care routine to calm the skin and prevent more breakouts. Also, if you have a washable face mask, it is important to wash it regularly to get rid of lingering face oils and bacteria. 

by Amanda Roland and Isabella Sorresso


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