Find Your Inner Peace on National Peace Day

By Amanda Roland
Find Your Inner Peace

Today, September 21, is National Peace Day! Have you been struggling to find your inner peace lately? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With the way 2020 has gone, it can be so hard to stop, slow down and silence your mind. Below are some ideas for you to try out to help bring peace to your life today or every day.

Take a bath

No, not a shower, a bath. Actually fill your tub with warm water, through in some episome salts, diffuse your favorite essential oils and just soak. A relaxing bath after a long day can give your tense muscles some relief, and it could bring a stop to some negative thoughts that have been swirling around your head all day.

Read your favorite book

Even if you have read it a million times, read some of it again. Reading a book that you love can make you feel nostalgic and comfortable. Remember why this book is your favorite and fall in love with it all over again.

Take a walk, jog or run

Getting out in the open air can help clear your head, especially if you have been stuck inside all day. Taking a walk at dusk (with a buddy) can be a peaceful activity to bring an end to the hectic workday. Or, if you like to be active, end your day with a jog or run to get your endorphins flowing.

Write down what you are thankful for

Grab a piece of paper, a journal or even a sticky note and jot down the things that you are thankful for. No matter how long or short the list is, recognizing these things can bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

Meditate or pray

Maybe it has been a while since you sat down and meditated/prayed. This can make you feel connected to something greater than yourself, and bring you inner peace as you reflect inward.

Play your favorite song or album

Everyone has that song or album that they never get tired of. When is the last time you listened to it? Blast it through your house as you reflect on the notes and lyrics of the song, remembering why it became your favorite in the first place.


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