How to Improve Your Posture While Working From Home

By Amanda Roland
working from home

While working from home, one thing I didn’t think I’d miss was my office chair. Sitting in a professional setting with a nice chair forced me to sit up straight (or at least straighter), and now that I’m at home I sit in all sorts of contorted ways that at first seem more comfortable to me. But, how healthy are they for my posture, actually? If you’re in the same boat as me and need a few pointers, here’s how to improve your posture while working from home!

  1. Lift your feet up: Putting your feet up on something to elevate them will help to increase circulation and stretch your legs. According to CNBC Make It, “your hips and thighs should form 90-degree angles when you sit in your chair, but you can move your feet back and forth for exercise.”
  2. Don’t forget about lumbar support: If your lower back is hurting or you’re finding it hard to sit up straight while working from home, try adding a pillow or a rolled up towel behind you at the base of your chair to support your lumbar, or lower back.
  3. Switch positions often: Sitting in the same position for hours on end, even if it’s in perfect posture, isn’t the best either. It’s actually recommended that you change position at least every 30 minutes.
  4. Try to stand and stretch as much as possible: Following along with the previous step, sitting still all day isn’t the best for your posture or your back health. While at work, you’re often getting up to talk to coworkers, going to meetings or taking lunch breaks. Make sure to give your spine a break and take frequent breaks to walk around and stretch.
  5. Try to sit up straight: The obvious tip, but sit up straight! Ideal desk posture includes a straight upper back, relaxed shoulders and arms with your keyboard easily accessible, feet flat on the floor and eyes level with the top of your monitor.

By Isabella Sorresso


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