New Year’s Resolutions: Why You Should Stick to Them

By Renee Castro
New Year's Resolutions

It is officially the new year. Wow, I can’t believe it! How quickly another year has passed. Another year older, a few dollars shorter, and a hopeful heart bring us into the new year. Some of us will find ourselves changing our hairdos or signing up for a gym membership as part of our “new year, new me,” campaigns. You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions – but what if this year, we actually stuck to them?

The idea of the New Year’s resolution is so important and something I think we ought to start paying more attention to. The whole purpose for these resolutions is about self-improvement. We want to improve our lifestyles by working out, or making an effort to build relationships, or giving ourselves some more me time. These resolutions help us build ourselves into better people. And it’s time we start practicing the resolution behavior for more than just the first two weeks of January.

You want to be a better you? Then believe you can be a better you.

But again, we ask ourselves… “why are these resolutions important?”

They help us become better. Resolutions force us to look back on the last year and think about what we want to do better in the new year and how we can do it. They force us to have perspective and think about life as a whole. And they help us integrate things in our lives to make our time worthwhile.

This year, when you think about how you want to change in the new year, write it down on a piece of paper. Even if it’s just one major thing that you want to change. Write it down and stick it on your fridge or on your bedside table. Make sure you take a look at it once a day and practice something in your daily routine to make the change become real. Maybe six months from now your resolution is a little tweaked but you’re still following through!

Having a resolution gives you something to look forward to and keep working for. We can all admit that we need some improvements in our lives and this is exactly the time to get started.

Just the fact that you have something you want to improve in the new year already means that you have hope to become a more powerful you!

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