What to Do If You Feel Lonely This Holiday Season

By Renee Castro
Lonely This Holiday Season

If your family is back home and you find yourself feeling lonely this holiday season and sad, don’t fret! Here are some things to help you get through the holiday season to help you remember that even if you feel alone, you never really are!

Travel (safely)

Maybe this year you can’t fit heading home in your planner. But, you might be able to fit a small vacation or even a daycation as a small little getaway. Pack up your things and head to your happy spot. You might not be with your family, but at least you get to relieve some stress.


There are so many places around town that need an extra set of hands this holiday season. Volunteer to help wrap presents for kids or even distribute food at a shelter. Either way, so many people who will be grateful for your presence will surround you and lift your spirits! After all, it is the season of giving!

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself this holiday season! Give yourself the gift of relaxation. Maybe hit up a spa and get a nice long massage, or take a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine. It’ll sure leave you feeling refreshed and brand new for the New Year ahead.


With the technology we have accessible to us and… did I mention, group FaceTime?! You can virtually spend the holidays with your family! Ask them to reserve a spot for you at the table and have someone in the family prop up their phone or iPad on the dinner table so that you can eat at the same time your family does!

Look at the big picture

Lastly, when you’re feeling sad or lonely, look at the bigger picture. Maybe this year you can’t go home but next year, you have the best Christmas you’ve ever had! Count your blessings and remember that even if you can’t physically be there, you can still talk to your family and tell them how much you love and miss them! There is so much to be grateful for this holiday season and every day after that!

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