Schedule Your Annual Check-up

By Lindsey Johnson

Parents are often diligent about scheduling their children for their annual check-up with the pediatrician. But when was the last time you scheduled one for yourself?

Many adults delay annual check-ups if they are not experiencing any problems but routine preventive exams can help you stay on top of any emerging problems, making them easier to diagnose and treat. Furthermore, most insurance plans cover an annual wellness exam at 100%, meaning that you typically don’t have any out-of-pocket cost. Why? Because insurance companies know that routine maintenance is important for overall health. You take your car for an oil change, right? Time to do the same for yourself!

Benefits of annual wellness exams:

  1. Establish baseline measurements (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, preexisting conditions and more)
  2. Identify any trends of change (blood pressure starts creeping up, lab values change etc.)
  3. Establish a trusting relationship with your provider (which also makes it easier to get in for sick visits sometimes and allows your provider to understand your whole history)
  4. Stay on top of routine preventive screenings (mammograms, colonoscopies, Pap smears, lung function etc.)
  5. If a new problem is identified, it’s likely that it’s found sooner, often making treatment options more favorable.

Don’t have a provider yet? Call your insurance carrier to find out who is in network, then ask for recommendations from friends and family for someone they trust. Remember, this person will help guide your total care so find someone you like. If the first provider you visit isn’t your cup of tea, you have other options. The most important thing is that you take care of yourself and get established before there is a problem.


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