Shows About Celebrities That You Should Watch Right Now

By Amanda Roland
shows about celebrities

We hate that we love to watch celebrities. There is something captivating about watching other peoples’ lives on camera. If you are looking for some great shows to watch this weekend about your favorite celebrities, look no further. Here is a list of shows about celebrities that you should watch right now. 

Last Dance 

This new docu-series highlights the career of Micheal Jordan, specifically during his time with the Chicago Bulls in the 1997–98 season. Now is your chance to take an intimate look into the life of one of the greatest celebrity-athletes of all time. You can watch all 10 episodes on ESPN.

Free Solo

This thrilling documentary follows Alex Honnold, a free solo climber attempting to be the first person to climb El Capitan inside Yosemite National Park. While you may not think of him as a celebrity, you will after you watch Free Solo. Watch this now on Hulu to feel an adrenaline rush as you watch someone attempt to climb up a 3,200-foot mountain without a rope. 

Simply Complicated

A bit of a throwback, this YouTube documentary about Demi Lovato was created in 2017, but it is still worth the watch. Find out more about the singer’s early life, struggles with addiction and her road to recovery. Watch it for free on YouTube.

Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

Coachella was canceled this year, but you can relive Beyoncé’s icon Coachella performances in her concert documentary. Not only does this doc give you a glimpse info Beyoncé’s personal life, but it serves as a great quarantine soundtrack, too. Watch the doc on Netflix!

Miss Americana 

This documentary is about Taylor Swift, American music icon and one of the 2019 TIME100 Most Influential People. Follow the story of her life as she confronts the hardships of fame, drama and being a young woman in the music industry. You can watch this doc on Netflix


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