Don petting Bailey

Fur-Ever Friends: Meet Bailey

Meet Bailey the mix breed and her owner, Don! After his dear friend passed away in a motorcycle accident and her children were unable to care for her dog Bailey, the children sought help from their late mother’s friend Don… read more

Pet Insurance: Counting the Cost

By Selena Garrison Ember was a sweet little Beagle that warmed the hearts of everyone in our family. The day after we got her, we took her to our family veterinarian for an exam and vaccines and got the all… read more

Life is Better with Pets

By Colleen McTiernan and Elayza Gonzalez | Photos by Indigo & Co. Photography and Tanya Consaul Photography Whether you are a horse lover, a feline fanatic or a true pup parent, there is nothing quite like the unconditional love of… read more

Working Like a Dog

Photo by Tanya Consaul Photography After her son graduated from high school, Kim Parham was given Casey, a golden retriever puppy, to keep her company. To complement her work at Shands as a nurse, Kim decided to take Casey to… read more

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