We Tried It

We Tried It! Birdwatching

We ventured into the great outdoors for an afternoon of birdwatching and the opportunity to observe birds (and other wildlife) in their natural habitat. Here’s how it went! January 5th is National Bird Day! NICOLE I’ll admit, I have always loved… read more

We Tried It! Starting a New Habit

Starting a new habit can be hard. According to a study in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit and approximately 66 days for it to become automatic.… read more

We Tried It! Internet Life Hacks

HACK 1: COOL A WARM SODA IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES [ Hack from mentalfloss.com ] Directions:  1. Fill a bowl with ice  2. Place soda in the ice  3. Add cold water and three tablespoons of salt  4. Use a… read more

We Tried It! Local Hiking Trails

November 17 is National Take a Hike Day and our team decided to celebrate by getting outside and exploring what beautiful trails North Central Florida has to offer. Here are our experiences with some of our favorites!  LINDSEY -> O’Leno… read more

We Tried It! Making Soap

We were inspired by our story about soap in this issue so we tried to make our own. We decided to make soap using the cold-pressed process. We will be honest, this was not a simple undertaking.  For our recipe,… read more

We Tried It! Plant-Based Burgers

While many of us grew up eating juicy beef-based burgers, today’s meatless burger options are endless. The staff at Wellness360 taste tested some of the latest plant-based burgers on the market and are bringing the results straight to our readers! LINDSEY:… read more

We Tried It!

Looking for a new cardio routine that offers varying intensity with low impact? Wondering what kombucha tea is and why everyone seems to be drinking it? The Wellness360 team has got you covered! Cycling Workout at Full Circle Cycle Studio… read more

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