We Tried It! Birdwatching

By Wellness360 Magazine

We ventured into the great outdoors for an afternoon of birdwatching and the opportunity to observe birds (and other wildlife) in their natural habitat. Here’s how it went! January 5th is National Bird Day!


I’ll admit, I have always loved watching birds in their natural habitats. After watching the movie “The Big Year,” I was ready to start my big year of birding, so when we had a chance to go on this adventure, I was giddy with excitement. While we didn’t see too many birds, we did see a nesting bald eagle, a pair of sandhill cranes and a gorgeous blue jay. I am excited to continue birding on the regular through travels and daily outdoor adventures! 10 out of 10!


I will be the first to admit I am more of a city person. However, after trying it with the rest of the office staff, I have to confess I loved the experience and I highly recommend it! We had so much fun! It forced me to disconnect – to stop, listen and enjoy the moment. I found it both enjoyable and educational being able to share that moment with my colleagues as we learn a little bit more about our fascinating local wildlife.


Being outdoors is my go-to stress reliever so I knew I would enjoy this experience! Seeing the bald eagle guard her nest was the highlight for me! I would recommend having a field guide book, a quality pair of binoculars, bug spray and an open mind to what you can discover during this relaxing activity!


I was really excited to be able to get out into the woods and leave the busy city for the noises of nature. We saw so many birds but nothing tops the majestic bald eagle that we caught soaring through the sky. We followed her until she landed atop a massive nest (with several chirping babies) and watched her for about 45 minutes. I’d recommend a powerful set of binoculars – these helped us see her clearly, even though she was 50 feet up in the air.


My first thought about birding was that it would be boring and I’m not the biggest fan of birds. However, once we went out to the prairie, it was incredibly peaceful and therapeutic. After a few minutes it became like a scavenger hunt to see how many animals we could spot. We also got incredibly lucky and spotted a nest of bald eagles! 10/10 highly recommend trying!

In a nutshell: While some of us had doubts about this activity, in the end, we all enjoyed the opportunity to disconnect and observe wildlife. We were able to notice animals, sounds, tracks and other natural phenomena as we took a break from the digital age. We would all recommend giving it a try.